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TOMARK, s.r.o. started in August 1995. It specialises in the machining, shaping, and cutting of metallurgical materials and in the manufacture of welded structures and components, from the preparation of production to finishing. The company’s products find wide applications in the automotive industry, transport systems, agriculture, and energy industry


We supply our customers with products according to their requirements and wishes, which often require custom solutions, in line with their own drawings. But we can also offer our own design solutions. As we strive to adapt to the growing needs and demands of our customers and also to progressive modern trends, we keep widening our offer of products and solutions. TOMARK, s.r.o. realises its manufacturing activities in five production halls in a total area of about 15,000 m2.



Production workers, including operation and service workers, and technical and economic workers, who conduct technical, administrative, and managerial activities, secure a trouble-free operation of the company. Workers of TOMARK, s.r.o. conduct all their activities with the emphasis on the securing of accuracy and precision, time harmonisation, and quality. Various work operations are therefore checked and compared with quality parameters and standards on a daily basis. Inspections and possible corrective measures are done by independent workplaces of our Quality Control Department.


Operating Actvities of TOMARK, s.r.o. 

Manufacture of parts

 - Processing of materials: beam cutting, shear cutting, saw cutting, bending, area shaping, nesting


Welding and assembly

 - welding, surface treatment, machining

 - manufacture and finishing of semi-trailers for the automotive industry

 - manufacture of products, parts, and subassemblies for agricultural machines

 - manufacture of pressure vessels and water tanks




 - manufacture of machine parts by machining (turning, milling, drilling ...)

 - manufacture of parts for welded pieces, i.e. parts that are integrated into welded structures



Toolroom and deisgn workshop

Most of the pressing, welding, and drilling jigs for manufacturing are made in the toolroom and in the design workshop of TOMARK, s.r.o., which are equipped with single-purpose machines and equipment. The mechanical workshop offers design and manufacture of mechanical parts and repairs and maintenance of tools and jigs, with the emphasis on their accurate, precise, and fine manufacturing and the principal purpose of their use - ability to work with strong and durable materials


Development and manufacture of all-metal sport airplanes Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9

In its TomarkAero division, specialising in aviation, the company is involved in the development, design, and manufacture of all-metal two-seater ultralight sport airplanes Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9, which are an ideal solution for travel, pilot training, relax, and glider towing. Quality is the dominant factor, so we pay utmost attention to development proposals and to meticulous production of all parts of the aircraft. Elegant low-wing Viper SD4 is an ideal for travelling and recreational flying, and high-wing Skyper GT9 - an excellent for cross-country, for visual experiences, and for making photos and videos. There are not just a products of the use of top technologies and CAD systems that meet the strict requirements of the legislation, but also the result of a creative work, careful dealing with issues, and solutions from aviation specialists.


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For many years, TOMARK, s.r.o. has ranked among leading companies in the segment of machining, shaping, and cutting of metallurgical materials and in the manufacture of welded structures and components, from the preparation of production to finishing. Our wide scope of capabilities is proved by our diverse realised solutions With experienced professionals in mechanical engineering and aviation, we develop and manufacture Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 all-metal sport airplanes. See for yourself the stable foundations of our company, the high quality of our products, and the flexibility and readiness to improve and enhance the quality of our services on the basis of requirements of our customers.