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TOMARK, s.r.o. is a strong supporter of events of an academic, cultural, sporting or social character, organised not just in the home region, but also on a nationwide or international scale.


 Co-operation with academic society

  • Co-operation with secondary schools and universities (in particular of technical and aviation specialisation) – we provide an opportunity for students to undergo their operation and professional training under the leadership of experienced professionals at individual departments and to get involved in solving technical problems.
  • Close co-operation with the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Prešov - rotation of students for their regular week-long training in our company throughout the year
  • We participate in research, development, and education of students, graduates, and potential workers
  • Consultation and tutoring assistance for university students in their development and submission of their bachelor, master, and dissertation theses
  • Preparation of aircraft maintenance centres
  • Participation in information and presentation events in Prešov (Information Bourse for Primary School Pupils, Job Bourses, International Job Bourse in Tarnów - Poland). At those events, our company, its production programme, and professions that are most wanted were presented to interested people
  • Co-operation with the Office of Labour, Social Affairs, and Family - we allow unemployed university graduates to get post-graduate training in our company and acquire professional skills and practical experience



Culture and sporting events

With our sponsor gifts and other assistance we try to support the activities of cultural institutions, e.g. of the Jonáš Záborský Theatre in Prešov, traditional folklore ensembles, as well as social events, e.g. in the field of gastronomy. There is never enough help for sporting institutions and clubs. We support activities in various sports, e.g. handball, football, athletics, horse riding, and motoring. We are personally disheartened by the stagnation of air clubs and associations. It is natural that we understand and have open hands also for their more effective operation.

We believe that it is right to support a good idea; therefore we welcome opportunities to participate in helping various civic associations and voluntary and charity organisations in different forms.


Charity help

We understand the uneasy situation of people from various social groups around us and, even if it is only slightly possible, we try to offer our helping hand to those who are in need and to those who depend on our help at times. It is human to help. For a long time, we have been supporting events of various civic associations, e.g. of the Integration - “The Sun Shines Equally for All Children” civic association (The Integration project promotes the capability to connect the world of adults with that of children. It provides an opportunity to enter the children’s fragile world and to show them a way towards mutual tolerance and understanding).



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For many years, TOMARK, s.r.o. has ranked among leading companies in the segment of machining, shaping, and cutting of metallurgical materials and in the manufacture of welded structures and components, from the preparation of production to finishing. Our wide scope of capabilities is proved by our diverse realised solutions With experienced professionals in mechanical engineering and aviation, we develop and manufacture Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9 all-metal sport airplanes. See for yourself the stable foundations of our company, the high quality of our products, and the flexibility and readiness to improve and enhance the quality of our services on the basis of requirements of our customers.